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Dr Peter Wroth

Principal Dentist at Accent Dental Care

After being accepted into the 1% club at the beginning of 2020 the advice we received through COVID has helped our practice go from strength to strength this year and we’re now on track to increase our annual revenue by over $1.4 million within 12-months.


Dr Joe Alphonse

Principal Dentist at Oatlands Dental

By applying all the lessons from this network we’ve managed to double the practice revenue within 12-months and increase our monthly revenue by over $60,000 each month whilst still operating as a single chair practice. I’m excited to see what we can do over the next 12-months as we expand our premises and plan to double the practice revenue again this year and can’t wait to play the game!!


Dr Sam Guirguis

Principal Dentist at Natural Dentistry

I have been very lucky and grateful to have been introduced to this network and through the coaching we’ve been able to increase the practice revenue to $1.3 million within 12-months which has more than doubled the practice in that time. We’re expecting to more than double over the next 12-months and for the first time ever we were able to reach Platinum Provider with Invisalign doing over 50 Invisalign cases in less than 6-months.


Wilson Luna is a master business coach, I wish I had met him earlier!

Dr Milla Duchovni

Principal Dentist at iSmile Studios

Dr Matthew Lombardi

Principal Dentist at North Queensland Family Dental

We managed to increase our annual revenue by over $600,000 this year and that’s with the practice being at absolute capacity. I know we could achieve much more when we can expand our premises and increase the hours we operate especially when applying everything we’ve learnt from this network over the last year, excited to see what we can do over the next 12-months.

Dr Daniel Abbondanza

Principal Cosmetic Dentist at Accent Dental Care

Being a part of this network has helped us increase revenue by $1.4 million this year and the 5-chair practice is now at capacity so we’re looking for another location to expand into. We’ve moved from just working in the practice as dentists to running the business as leaders of an organization.

Wendy Vo

Co-Owner and Practice Manager at Sydney Road Dental Care

Wilson Luna has placed an absolutely different perspective on my entrepreneurial journey. If you want to get 10 steps up on your game and practice mastery in your business, Wilson teaches everything about how you can, and the idea of possibilities is only limited by your mind! Thanks Wilson!!

“This WILL change my business and personal life to allow me to impact my circle, my patients and my family. Thank you Wilson for this great gift!”

Dr Sam Guirguis

Principal Dentist at Natural Dentistry

Dr Ian Gurner

CEO & Principal at Ian Gurner Dental Care

This year I have learnt so much about business and am operating as not just a dentist but as a top notch business person. We’ve seen spectacular increases in our numbers with a 90% increase in new patient flow and we’re now booked out 3-months ahead with all chairs at capacity. Now we’re extending hours into the evening and weekends to handle the increased workload and looking to expand into a second location as the next step and loving every minute of the growth journey.


Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd

Principal Dentist at Boutique Dental Care

As a small dental business with only one dentist producing each day ,we have finally exceeded the 7 -figures .I owe thanks to the coaching and support from this amazing network. We reached Platinum status with Invisalign and have doubled our monthly new patients numbers monthly compared to this time last year. We’ve had to increase our team from 6 to 9 people and it’s a team of high performers, plus we’ve had to extend our opening hours to handle the growth. We’re now expecting to double the business over the next 12-months by applying everything we’ve learnt this year and loving playing this game of business.


Dr Brad Stanley

Principal Dentist at Central Highlands Dental

The best thing I ever did was attend my first Dental Growth Mastery event 12-months ago. I’m so glad I was introduced to this network and as a result this has been a phenomenal and career changing year. 12-months ago I set the goal for $2.5 million and thought it would be impossible, but 12-months later and I am going to exceed that number… I really didn’t think this would be possible, but being part of this network has allowed me to exceed my goals and be a better business person than I ever was before!


”Outstanding. Best dentist business development course you can attend. Fantastic environment and amazing experience.”

Dr Camelia Furlan

Dentist, Entrepreneur

Dr Dana Horng

Principal Dentist at Hartwell Dentistry

During this weekend, he has made me aware of all the potential I have. He has made me see that I have all the answers in me. He is such a great communicator and educator. Although it may not be easy, the path is clear, and I am in great company climbing that hill.

Darryl Marsh

Principal Dentist at Today’s Dentistry

Wilson has in the last few days provided great insights into developing dental practices as businesses and dental practice owners as people by with great compassion and intelligence, holding a mirror to us and providing the tools to transform the image reflected back.

Dr Camelia Furlan

Principal Dentist at Dentique Dental Spa

Wilson is a very charismatic business entrepreneur and teacher. I have just completed three days of the training course on the Dental Growth Mastery and it has more than met my expectations. He will definitely challenge you to grow your business!

Thank you, Wilson Luna, for the best business development weekend I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of!

Dr Joe Alphonse

Principal Dentist at Oatlands Dental

Dr David Kerr

Principal Dentist at Today’s Dentistry

I have just attended the Dental Growth Mastery event in Sydney this last weekend. I have to say, whilst having gone to all dental events regarding communication both here and abroad, dealing with Wilson was uniquely genius.

Unlike others, his ability to disregard the negative narrative in the industry and focus on growth strategies moving forward is not only refreshing and confronting, but exciting for me. Not afraid to have the difficult conversations, tell the truths but work hard to encourage implementation of strategies to overcome and navigate problems is a breath of fresh air in this industry in my opinion.

I really look forward to working with Wilson and his team and have no hesitation in recommending others to do so.


Dr Philip Makepeace

Principal Dentist at Totally Smiles Bundaberg

I “turned up” to Dental Growth Mastery with low expectations, little enthusiasm, and more than a little cynicism, expecting to hear more of the same stuff I have listened to over the years. Boy, was I wrong! This weekend was a game-changer for me! No ifs, buts, or maybes! Brilliantly structured presentation. Great charisma. Indefatigable energy.

Every individual golden nugget of information dropped by Wilson stands by itself, but when put together into a well-structured “big picture” this is truly a roadmap for exponential business growth. As an already reasonably successful dentist I had no idea what I did not know about business. This is the REAL THING! Watch this space.


Tony Donald

Marketing Manager at Ian Gurner Dental Care

Before this weekend, my mind was clouded, full of abstract thoughts clouding my days and hence my judgement and ability to be the leader of my practice. Never has my mind been so open and clear. Wilson shook me to the core. Trust me, I’ve been to several CE courses on dentistry and practice management over many years. Nothing prepared me for the internal transformation over the last three days.


“We have THE best coach, THE best network of mentors and our dental cohort and a bold plan to disrupt our industry - we’re up for it, bring it on! Thanks, Wilson."

Dr Ian Gurner

CEO & Principal Dentist, Ian Gurner Dental Care

Dr Catalin Iacob

CEO at Artisan Smiles

Wilson has an ability to break down barriers that hold you back in business and indirectly in life with ease. The psychology and philosophy required to excel in business and life is expressed in such an easy way to understand that it seems almost Zen like.

He makes the impossible not only seem possible but shows you that the hurdles are incrementally surmountable and that with small changes, large gains can be achieved.

Dr Garrie Rao

Principal Dentist at Diamond Smiles Dental

Mind Blowing Hack. For me, meeting and listening to Wilson has been so transformative and life altering at so many levels. I have met my mind, listened to my conscious and have chosen to now be present in every moment from this day forth.

My ultimate cause and purpose in life to help and treat and heal more people and it’s this clarity of pure thought that has been made more clear, and I’m certain that we will embark on a 4.0 journey and legacy for others to follow to take along the journey with us.

Dr Abir Rammo

CEO and Founder at justSMILE

Wilson went beyond just Dentistry and opened our eyes to what is possible if we take charge of growing the business vs just do the clinical work and hope for the best. I’ve attended many events with similar theme, but Wilson was the only one that was different in his approach and vision.

“This weekend was a game-changer for me! No ifs, buts, or maybes!”

Dr Philip Makepeace

Principal Dentist at Totally Smiles Bundaberg

Dr AJ Salman

Director at Northmed Dental

I attended Wilsons mastery course and I must say, it was a real eye opener. I don’t know how I didn’t attend this seminar before now. It’s like wearing glasses for the first time and seeing things clearly and saying, “wow I was a bit blind before”.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and the first step is acknowledgement. Thank you Wilson, I look forward to attending more seminars and learning more from yourself and the 1% of dentists that will be on either side sitting with me and contributing their thoughts and processes. Thank you Wilson.


Dr David Yu

Principal Dentist at Healthview Dental

The three days of Dental Growth Mastery has been absolutely mind-opening. It has made me realize how much I am missing out on from a business perspective and how much value I can add to the practice.

I am 100% confident applying his concepts will change the practice and change my life forever. I am excited to apply everything that I have learnt so far, as well as future concept that he will share. On our way to the top 1%!


Dr Craig Duval

Principal Dentist at Sherwood Dental

Wilson has been amazing in the way he just cuts through all the rubbish going on in my head and he’s able to get to the deeper issues. I wanted 1 thing out of the coaching and he indirectly gave it to me by going somewhere else.

His ability to read the room and give us the maximum value is something I’ve never experienced in all my years of business ownership. Just being present wherever I am is going to revolutionize not just my workplace, but every aspect where I relationally connect with people.


“If you are wanting to become a 1% practice owner you need to be mentored by Wilson Luna!”

Dr Abraham Zacharia

CEO at A2Z Dental

Dr Paul Holliday

Principal Dentist at Lake Dental

At this time last week, I was attending the first Dental Growth Mastery Event. I am quite a cynical person and always wondering what someone is going to try and sell me at these events. What I walked away with was a complete rethink of the business model of the private dental practice industry.

Reia de Souza

Co-Owner at Diamond Smiles Dental

I came to the Dental Growth Mastery not thinking much about it, but wow, what a workshop!!! I realise that I have so much learning to do but for the first time, I am not that scared stepping out of my comfort zone, and I realise that to grow and be part of that 1% group I have to embrace the uncomfortable.

Dr Andrew Prideaux

Owner at Mosman Fine Dental

Dentistry is fundamentally a left brain driven profession.We all spend a good proportion of our dental days in our minds and not present. Wilson has shaken up this mindset and shown me how to see my thoughts are just that and that this is holding me back. There’s huge growth potential possible from this shift!!

“Have thoroughly enjoyed Wilson’s growth mastery techniques. Best coach I have seen!”

Dr Daniel Abbondanza

Principal Cosmetic Dentist, at Accent Dental Care Perth

Dr Thomas Vo

Principal Dentist at Sydney Road Dental Care

Having spent the past 3 days with Wilson there has been many revelations that I have no doubt will translate through to results. Every practice owner wants to grow their business and provide better services for their patients and staff. The issue is how can this be done when we are already busy?

Wilson clearly provides techniques, a method, thought processes in order to make this possible. I am confident that what has been provided is invaluable and return limitlessly. The networking and accountability itself is invaluable. Thanks Wilson and team!


Dr Mark Miller

Director at Dental as Anything

To expand yourself and understand your thoughts and what controls you then Wilson will open up these parameters and help you with freedom in your business and in your life.

This is more than marketing. To expand your business, you must expand yourself first. You are the limiting factor. Wake up! Move your ego and your fears aside and explore the unknown. It’s not so scary.


Dr Abraham Zacharia

CEO at A2Z Dental

I have been in business for a while and have attended various business programs both in Australia and the US. I am blown away by Wilson’s insights into the most basic ingredient, every entrepreneur has when they start their business and over time forget resulting in stagnation of the business instead of thriving.

Getting back in the driver’s seat is important for anyone with skin in the game who wants to evolve and grow. I sense this from Wilson who has grown his business worldwide and raised the bar in a plethora of other businesses. If you are wanting to become a 1% you need to be mentored by Wilson Luna.


The Dental Growth Mastery has to be the best business development program going.

Dr Peter Wroth

Principal Dentist at Accent Dental Care

Dr Milla Duchovni

Principal Dentist at iSmile Studios

Wilson Luna is a master business coach. He dissects with precision of a surgeon and helps to reassemble and to present with clarity and conviction of a prophet. I wish I have met him earlier.

Dr Diana Bueno Toro

Principal Dentist at VIP Dental Clinic

I can see that this was the missing link! It has taken 20 years and a lot of grief to find it, but after this weekend I finally can see that I can put all the pieces together!

Dr Andrew Withers

Principal Dentist at Withers Dental

Implementation of change starts with me then the fun begins. We’re going to change lives! Thanks Wilson, Paul, Michael, Panita, Chris and Christiane. You’re all inspired and inspirational.I’m energized and excited… so many possibilities!
© Copyright 2021 Wilson Luna Review
© Copyright 2021 Wilson Luna Review